onsdag 29 mars 2017

My first impression

In this blog i am going to tell about my first impression of Åland. What are the things that really impress me here and how are the people around Mariehamn.

The thing which i really like here on Åland is that it is so easy to travel to other countries and it isn't even that expensive to travel around. I like this personally a lot because i like to travel around and from the country where i come from (The Netherlands) it isn't always so easy to do that because it often costs a lot and takes a lot of time to get to the place where you would like to be.  What is also really easy and nice to do here is making beautiful nature walks which is a lovely thing to do here.

About the culture on Åland
One thing what was quite clear for my is that the people on Åland are very kind and helpful. When i had a question where i could get something everybody was trying to help me out.

Eating warm in the afternoon. When i came here it was in the beginning kinda weird to eat warm as a lunch. But it is actually quite fun to go out for Lunch, you have a social moment in the middle of the day which gives new motivation to start working again.

So that was about it! Do you have some experience  in Åland which you would like to share? Leave them in the comments!

Written by Ivanka (Intern)

onsdag 22 mars 2017

Högskolan på Åland's company visit Paf

The business economics class visited Paf. Paf is the biggest operating business in Åland. Paf operates a legal gambling monopoly on Åland. Paf also has an internet-based gaming and gambling operation. In addition to operate gambling activities on a large number of cruise ferry's. The business operates internationally and in most Scandinavian countries. 
Paf employees have outstanding good work conditions and it seems to be ideal to be an employee of Paf. Our students were given a presentation from the Human resources manager of Paf. It was very interesting and learnful.
The thing that makes Paf unique is that they are very social in front of the gamblers. 
Something that is also special about Paf is that the headquarter is fully surrounded by solar panels (See last picture).
/ Deniz (Intern)

måndag 13 mars 2017

Snow activities on Åland

In this blog i am going to write about the different kind of activities which you can do on Åland when there is snow. Because a lot of people will not go outside when it is snowing but there are a lot of fun things you are able to do when it is snowing, like you can go snowboarding, cross country skiing or downhill skiing. Let me give you some tips if you want to do this: if you would like to go downhill skiing or snowboarding you can go to the Germundö Alpin ski which is in Saltvik this costs 17 euros from Tuesday till Thursday and on the weekends it is 20 euros. If you would like to go cross country skiing you can go to Jomala behind the Vinkingahallen there is a nice track for free to go cross country skiing. :) So the next time you see snow, go outside!

Written by Ivanka (Intern)

onsdag 8 mars 2017

Easy access to Mariehamn

Never thought Mariehamn would be that easy to access. In 2 hours I am in the capital of Sweden (Stockholm), and the same day I am back in Mariehamn. On the boat it is very cozy and there a lot things to do. I have paid €16,- for a cruise back and forth, its totally worth it! / Deniz (Intern)